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Digital X-Rays
Our office is equipped with the latest radiographic imaging system produced by Patterson Dental.  The system consists of an image sensor, that replaces the old x-ray film, which is positioned in the patients mouth. The sensor is exposed to a reduced (60-70% from old conventional film) x-ray radiation, the image is transported to the computer via a cable, and then the image of the patient is viewed on the computer monitor.

The advantages for the patient are reduced radiation, increased speed of processing (seven seconds from exposure to image), increased diagnostic capabilities, images can be magnified, enhanced (different colors added), the images are large enough that patients can be shown what is happening to their teeth and surrounding structures (better understanding of what is happening to you), the information can be transmitted electronically to insurance companies specialists or other dentists.

We feel that this system is one of the greatest advancements in dental diagnostic capabilities in years. We are very proud to be able to offer this service to our patients.